About us

We are the Ukrainian brand of modern clothes for girls. Our team – real professionals who work continuously on the outcome. For only a year, we have created five collections, all for the sake of our customers – friends. Brand clothing from TM IrysWear has already been appreciated by more than three thousand mothers, and girls from all over Ukraine are confidently dressing our goods every day.

Own production

We are responsible for the quality of every thing produced in our production facilities. Each model is created by our team with love and thinking about the client:

Irina - ideological inspiration

It all started with an idea. Idea to create clothes that would have liked the girls for style and convenience, and their mothers would appreciate for quality and affordability.

Maryana - designer of clothes

Fashion ideas come to the girl both day and night, which she embodies in new images from IrysWear. Maryana is inspired by world tendencies, but creates something new that is best suited for Ukrainian fashionable women.

Julia - designer of clothes

Beauty and originality for the little princesses are her main principles of work. Julia is a young and very creative specialist. She creates fashionable and stylish things that are also comfortable for teens.

Halyna - designer of clothes

She creates comfort and convenience for teenage girls. For Halyna the priority is not only the beauty of the product, but also its functionality and convenience for every day.

Halyna - technologist

Each stage of production is under its strict control of quality. She is precise and uncompromising and always geared for the best possible result in sewing technology.

Olha - sales manager (wholesale)

Perfectly understanding each mum, we have developed a service system in an online shop store that will be comfortable and understandable for every woman and will take a minimum of time. We have taken care of safe payment and returns in order to make your purchases even more profitable.

Oksana - sales manager (retail)

Our managers are always happy to answer all the questions and advise the best image options for young beauties.